Dr. Kane Fraser (Chiropractor) is the Director and Founder of Bellarine Chiropractic in Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove. Dr. Fraser (Chiropractor) graduated from a five year double degree at RMIT, with the highest final clinical examination scores. He then went on to work nationally until starting his own clinic in the Western District of Victoria. For over 10 years Kane has been trusted to care an array of conditions and people, ranging from infants to the elderly.

Kane’s chiropractic journey began when he was a teenage athlete. After a poor performance at an event due to lower back and leg pain, Dr. Fraser (Chiropractor) had his first consultation with his local chiropractor. After nearly immediate pain relief and resultant improvement in performance, Dr. Fraser (Chiropractor) realised the benefits of chiropractic. Having played every sport as a child and being an AFL footballer (Hawthorn), Dr. Fraser (Chiropractor) has had the opportunity to work with some of the elite practitioners in the industry, allowing him to gain valuable knowledge to pass on to his patients.

Dr. Fraser (Chiropractor) keeps up with the latest research as he is currently studying Podiatry in Melbourne, giving him unlimited access to all of the up to date data present.

In his free time Kane surfs with his father, walks with his mum, sister and his nephew Hudson (legend). Kane loves to cycle, run and lift a few weights to keep himself fit and in shape.