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The experienced podiatrists at Bellarine Chiropractic treat painful conditions of the foot, knee and hip. Along with foot skin conditions including corns, callus and warts. 

At Bellarine Chiropractic we utilize the latest 3D scanning technology to produce lightweight comfortable orthotics. The smooth and plesant scanning experience can be completed in the comfort of our clinic. 

The podiatrists assess and assist diabetes patients with their foot health, as they are suseptable to Peripheral Vascular Disease. Peripheral ...

Dr. Fraser (Chiropractor) uses massage techniques on nearly every patient. Dr. Fraser (Chiropractor) feels that the muscles and joints interact together and best results occur when the patients muscular problems are addressed as well as the patients joint issues. Before adjusting his patients Kane uses various massage techniques including gentle techniques, trigger points and deep remedial massage. The type of therapy depends on the patient and the condition they have.

Dr. Fraser (Chiropractor) uses stretching techniques on most patients. Kane feels that the muscles and joints intact together and to obtain good results he incorporates stretching into his treatment regime. Stretching decreases tension in the muscle, which can relieve pain in the muscle and also the joints the muscle attaches to. It also Kane’s belief that patients should incorporate stretching in their daily routines for their general health and wellbeing.

Dr. Fraser (Chiropractor) has been utilising dry needling for over 10 years as part of his clinical treatment protocol. Needling is only used when it is indicated or requested, not every patient has needling as part of their treatment. Needling can be used to relax extremely tight muscles, also for pain relief in a number of conditions, and general relaxation.

Cupping is a form of therapy in which the patient has cups placed on a sore or injured part of the body. Gentle suction is created underneath the cup by utilising a small hand held device. This slightly raises the skin within the cup promoting healing via different processes.

Dr. Fraser (Chiropractor) has been prescribing orthotics for close to 10 years. He is currently finalising his degree at the highly recognised Podiatry course at La Trobe University in Bundoora. Dr. Fraser (Chiropractor) realised early in his career that a lot of back problems occurred due to people having foot abnormalities. Foot issues can cause mechanical problems throughout the rest of the body, similar to a house having poor foundations leading to cracking in the plaster and crooked walls.